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Rastaboyz.com will soon be a one-stop website for the Reggae Dancehall community. We are currently expanding in order to bring artists, fans and enthusiasts together in a seamless online social network. We offer a variety of marketing systems to help stimulate the development and promote authentic Reggae Dancehall music. The platform we provide will bring together singers, MCs, sound systems, producers, DJs, record labels and fans together to collaborate and network. Rastaboyz.com offers a unique platform and innovative advertising solutions to align your brand with. Rastaboyz is owned and operated by Urbangold Capital. Fans can visit us and listen to streaming music and video at Rastaboyz.com.

For artists and performers interested in our services, as well as general marketing opportunities, please contact us at general@rastaboyz.com. We are dedicated to continuing to expand our services to further empower independent Reggae Dancehall artists and their fans.

Corporate Structure

Urbangold Capital

302-610 Victoria Street

New Westminster BC V3M 0A5


1 (604) 356-5206


Jah Waxman

CEO & President

Computah Gyal

Vice-President & Technical Director

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